u want the full story of …

ok UK embassy being kicked out of Mexico by president as head witch caught with some 20,000 UK children’s passports…and now witch who declared she could declare any child she trafficked british cuz one is british is now sitting in mexican clink. … but the ties back to England and Vince Cable MP and 10 downing st are very very interesting

… why would Mexico/South Africa/USA issue 53 arrest warrants that include top three high court judges and 5 highest profile mps from everything in between murder to child-trafficking… and why would UK block this information – d notice complete media blackout style? Is it because South and Central America and Mexico are fed up having their fukin kids stolen?

Would u like to see these warrants…they exist…i have them in color with blue mexican court seals…. the UK gov has been caught out with another saville style psycho 2 the rich n famous gordon nissen kiddie trafficking handler- google him please

the links to the Baylis boys appear to be a big big problem for the UK. 2 boys now 16 and 13 were abducted from Mexico by UK embassy officials with nissen in tow and flown back illegally to uk. These boys are now in Twickenham and nissen called his best mate Vince to get some dirty police protection. 25 cops now protecting a paedo and its purported to be preventing children’s abduction when these children are being held against their will… kevin and jenvey have left internet pleas to UN since 2011 when stolen.

what goes beyond a joke it that not first time stolen… these boys were under humanitarian protection backed by hague n UN protecting them from nissen and UK.

jeremy is dad is a american navy seal and mum is a south african pedo chasing cop and were about to expose the major uk child trafficking and all but seal man were kidnapped and trafficked until seals saved them first time.

now there is a stand off. cops are protecting pedo who regularly dopes, rapes and cuts these children – the youngest is suffering from sever muscle wastage and the oldest is in danger of fallin into diabetic coma as no meds n not bein fed… been kept out of school over a year… until twickenham academy agreed to take them in and put them in isolation no mixin with other kids… and xxxxxx are here to rescue once again… produce children’s real birth certs as they have been altered illegally from baylis to nissen.

soca is fully aware of this an complicit. soca working with corrupt cunt suggested by uk mexico is paying who has been sittin on these warrants 4 2 months playing games while these boys are being raped and trafficked.

last week soca advised parents to upload all baylis family videso currently banned and we got banned from facebook 4 spamming as was there plan.

richard marcinko is working with mexican gov on this. when mex and sa embassadors came to twickenham the place became swarmed with plod – what they protectin?

outside uk d notices and gag orders – the americas and ten other nations have now jumped on board stating free the baylis boys.

Nissen has been handed notice to hand himself over to mexican embassy as sacrificial lamb they will produce while boys in truth will escape down plughole being trafficked or murdered, all behind closed doors in silence.

Nissen also killed 2 female baylis siblings in front of them – he is extremely dangerous.

xxxxx have been documenting evidence of abuse dirty police are currently condoning… the youngest boy has been sewn up 4 times by seals as they now sneak down scaffolding to them 4 food and have to go back up again – how insane is that?

they can sneak away and no 1 can rescue them as mexico lawyers are saying until some1 in uk has balls enough to uphold hague protection and change Baylis boys name back to as it was – not nissen – as pedo nob has placed border alert warning for his nissen boys. This story has to be leaked as uk cunt working for Mexico will be spinning his own story in media this week – mark my words mccanns will be back on tele early this week at RCJ doin some seriously dodgy shit in closed family courts.

We need to get the grapevine goin my friend and give these baylis boys a voice.

That’s the truth – so help me God and God please help them boys.




About maryanne aka mrs charity sweet

mother, artist, author - peaceful activist for positive change
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