Note 2 GOOD UK POLICE: Twickenham Middlesex England – vince cable MP is hiding an internationally wanted, warrants signed and backed by many other nations at United Nations, so far, dangerous Nissen Pedophile/murderer/woman and child trafficker and 2 kidnapped Baylis children with the assistance of bastard pedo’s in local social services – they are also in on it.

It really does beggar belief, does it not?

The globally wanted saville style pedophile, Nissen, who supplies the highest judges of UK Royal Courts of inJustice (RCJ) and highest politicians (10 Downing Street) with child prey is in Twickenham, Middlesex, England with 2 hostage Baylis children.

He’s a terrorist towards children. Even the police sent via Vince Cable MP thru dirty MET DS Farooqi are starting to question WTF as they also have kids of their own and can see what is happening before their eyes is clearly not right and bang out of order wrong.

It’s time to drop an english bollock good officers of the English police force – fuck your pension stealing condoning thieving federation that helped to turn u into a farce in a media frenzied spin sparking hatred towards you from the public – fuck the UK media that lies for the UK government.

I LOVE you all dearly, my THIN BLUE LINE of justice – especially the FRONT LINE.

The bullying from the top has to stopped. Be the hero’s that you truly are.

Unite and fight for what is right – protecting all children comes first and foremost.

Please assist protecting the Baylis Boys kidnapped in Twickenham against their will and do not allow social services who are involved up to their eyeballs in this to steal them yet again They must be returned to their rightful place with their only parents in Mexico thru those granted power through Mexican and UN authority as these children currently remain under Hague protection from Nissen and UK gov – i kid u not.

I might add the mum of these Baylis boys is also a cop from South Africa – she is your sister – who went to the market in Mexico yesterday with her armed protection provided by the Mexican President.

To make a long story short there were some 15 arrests and there were 30 phones numbers found on their disposable phones – the Nissens the Oliviers… Hoggs…¬† why would these uk nationals have their phone numbers on phones in Mexico on people attempting to abduct Maryna the super-cop mum of these abducted and trafficked Baylis boys?

… each potential kidnapper of mom was found with forged immigration for Maryna on their person. Do you think UK the foiled plan was to abduct and traffic/murder her too?

The UK has already declared here dead and yet she still lives and breathes for her boys safe return home to her loving arms.

Since her boys abduction – many attempts ahve been made on her life. She has been shot – she has been stabbed and has a license to carry concealed hefty weapons and that great woman loves her toys like you boys do.

https://www.facebook.com/maryna.duplessisbaylis.5?fref=ts is a real person who has a real family including her navy seal man and his mates.

Have you ever seen the film ‘Taken’ based on real life trafficking events starring Liam Neilson? I hear ‘Taken 2’ is even better.

I’m saying a prayer today just for you cause I love you that much n so many more do to.



About maryanne aka mrs charity sweet

mother, artist, author - peaceful activist for positive change
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