*** #paedobritain UKGOV *** attempting to murder South African SUPER mom cop in Mexico

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    A great performance of No Woman No Cry from Bob Marley. For the real fans!!

It angers me to inform you that there was another serious attempt on Maryna and Jeremy on Saturday. It is getting more frequently and it is beyond a joke, whether they are indoors at home or out in the public view, the daily arrest is the same.
I came to the conclusion that they can be out enjoying the sunshine, just as must is sitting indoors going mad. They both very active people and being confined indoors is not easy, Maryna needs supply to continue to do some work and she can’t do that from the kitchen.
Last Saturday they had to go out for basic needs. There was in total 22 arrest made on Saturday morning in a space of 4 hours. 13 of these arrest had FM3 documents for Maryna in various surnames stating she is British. These documents are all fake and not on Mexican immigration paperwork. This is a major concern as we are now 110% sure they are planning a kidnapping for her.
The amount of police that simply love looking after Maryna and Jeremy is amazing, as we had discovered it is better to let them walk somewhere and use the busses and Metros, as it is safer and got added security police everywhere. The staff is getting exercise and this is forcing the poor British people to walk as well, and is making it easier to spot them and forcing them to use cellphones to contact one another. Which is making it easier for us, by taking a whole cell done at a time.
Like I said the attacks are increasing whether they are out or whether they are home, we arrested 44 people over the weekend just around the home. The dogs are great as they alert us all to something before it happens and the get very clingy to Maryna and won’t leave her side.
The past week our police forces in two states have been kept very busy, and so much that we are using military back up as well. Daily there are vehicles including embassy vehicles stopped and searched, busses get searched 4 times a day by federal police and military personnel.
We have now near their home installed 24 officers that cover civil protection, and include trained medical staff and paramedics through to police officers with direct contact to federal prosecutors.
There are not just the attempts on their lives, the Olivier’s and Nissen with the help of friends has launched an attack on their work websites as well. Their PayPal’s are closed again as the claim this time from the UK government is that they are dead, the USA and SA embassies are dealing with PayPal on behalf of their citizens.
The last attempt on their home when they were out for a nice hill climbing with the dogs and protection team, included the theft of all Maryna’s paint and canvasses, Jeremy’s jewelry stock and various material that got given to them by the embassy, $3000 pesos worth of t-shirts and $2000 pesos worth of African dolls and jewelry for the embassy for a festival in a week’s time. That is just the damage to some stock. In the past 4 months a total of $25 000 pesos worth of stock got stolen.
The attempts are now not just on their lives, but also on their income. The attempts are now to purely cut them off from the world, and not able to earn money.
We know have officers looking after an empty place when Maryna and Jeremy go out with or without the dogs, we got officers’ day and night around them. Their every move is monitored all staff can tell you how long they are even in the bathroom.
Our fear is that if this is needed for Maryna and Jeremy here, what is needed to keep everyone else safe in the UK and South Africa.
Please any views will help, we are all dealing with something, that is new to us, as the most traffickers of drugs and people get caught the crime is stopped for that person and his gang. This crime seems to grow 3 more teams of between 12-22 people for every team we take out.
I don’t fall for the UK’s view that this is a custody case because why try and kill the mother


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