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  1. Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

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    “The children have effectively been kidnapped by force and fraud by both Mr. Nissen and the British Government along with the following breaches:

    The sovereignty of the Mexican Government

    International Law and Treaty

    The Lawful Protection of the Mexican Government

    The Hague Convention and Ruling of the Hague Court.

    The Safety and Welfare of the Children

    The Criminal Law of Mexico”

    “Whilst there was a court hearing at 9 am+ that day in Mexico City by Mr. Nissen. It was not a Hague convention Application but was one of the type made where children’s parents are not living and it did not account for either the Hague ruling or the fact that the family were under state protection or the fact that the children’s parents were alive.”

    “These are matters that should rightfully be taken to the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Commission by Mexico as they are that serious, No country should be involved in the kidnapping and abduction of minors and not only should any country that does be severely censured but universal outrage should be expressed.”


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