Judge Lesley Newton out of Manchester – YOU ARE NOT A HIGH COURT JUDGE AT RCJ LONDON – U R CORRUPTED

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    How will you morons further incriminate yourselves today? Here is some rope so get hanging yourselves promptly…

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    • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis Maryanne, I haven’t seen you explain the photos and videos of the boys on this page? And I know you would not have had Skype contact with Carl and/or Richard. And why would you not want to see for yourself how the boys are doing like I offered?
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet why would i negotiate with child trafficjkers and pedophiles when the Baylis boys, who can speak the truth for themselves, are due and willl be brought to rcj london strand before a real high court judge for a writ of habeus corpus? are you really that moronic? apparently so…
    • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis Maryanne, that will never happen. No judge will put the children under such unnecessary stress. Kevin already met the judge while the case was ongoing last year.
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet well ur in for a fuckin rude shock then, aint you, if you think you have the rcj judges in ur pocket and you can stop a writ of habeus corpus and stop the courts from assessing the boys detention with scum like yourself
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet and yes judge newton ur illegal import into RCJ who is not a high court judge and ius a complete corrupt cunt refuses Kevin his right to return with his brother to his parents insisting they remain prisoners of this child trafficking war and she will be held accountable from Manchester for her crimes of perverting justice and gross child endangerment – miss no can do judge cunt newton will find herself in cells also beside you eventually. ur a cocky cunt arent you?
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet judge cunt newton said to kevin that she would separate the boys if Kevin persisted to ask for his Dad and that she would put them in immigration….. you think u that cunt judge are really going to get away with this heinous bullshit of endangering and abusing and trafficking children? think fuckin well again
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet and furthermore the real mother and father of these baylis children were not allowed to be present to make any represenations so yes you Olivier can hang with ur cunt judge mate newton
    • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis Maryanne, it is clear that you believe everything Maryna and Jeremy tells you without checking it out for yourself. You do not appear to be someone who is eager for the truth – you seem much more eager for conspiracy and drama. Your writ of habeus corpus will be rejected by every judge who sees it. But I guess your response to that will be that “all judges are corrupt” or that we bribed all of them or something. Man, I don’t know why I bother to work if I have so much money that I can bribe all these people! What will help you to see what is going on here? How did Maryna and Jeremy explain away the fact that you cannot speak to Carl and Richard? And what did they tell you would happen if you see the boys for yourself on Skype? And what story did they spin to explain the photos and videos of the boys on this page? Be true to yourself, Maryanne, and find out the truth for yourself. You know, it is nothing to me whether you believe me or not. It is your own money you are wasting traveling to the RCJ for nothing. If you really are as concerned for these boys’ well-being as I am, at least investigate before making assumptions after only hearing lies from one side. In any case, have you ever heard of child traffickers and pedophiles who communicate so openly with their “victims”? How does that even make sense? If we were these evil people you say we are, what gain would there be for us to speak so openly about this, giving out our contact details and what not? Does that make sense???
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet i will see u all in court – mark my words – and behind bars for your crimes against children
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet there are many many good judges at the royal courts of justice, london, the strand, who are more than will ling to have the trash likes of you brought before the high court and sentenced for your crimes against children – your day of facing the truth is coming
    • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis How long shall we give it, Maryanne? I know for an absolute fact nothing will come of your writ of habeus corpus, or any other attempt you may make. This is because independent DNA tests were done which proves that Dennis is the father of the children. You are going on false information, and this will become clear as you try to pursue this further – it will come to nothing. I just hope that you will not again cry “Conspiracy!” when your efforts come to noting. Try what you want. Please keep an open mind! As you say, it is impossible that all judges are corrupt – so if you do not find even one willing to believe this ridiculous story, will you then come to your senses?
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet justice will be served in due course
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet ur first remark on this page was that you were taking it down after a few days? Do you ever manage to tell the truth?
    • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis Indeed it will. Actually, justice was already served when the children were returned to their father. I will say it again – once you realise what is going on here, I will be willing to speak with you (as I am now).
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet when u r and ur accomplices are jailed and the baylis boys are free with their only parents who you and your accomplices abducted them from despite a Hague Court order of protection – justice will be served
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet i will be posting that hague order on line very very shortly – be warned – ur on notice for child endangerment and perverting the course of justice
    • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis Okay. You are clearly not prepared to listen to logic and reason. Let’s give it a few weeks, giving you a chance to explore your options with the RCJ. Once you see that it comes to nothing (because the courts are fully aware of the truth of this matter), feel free to contact me again.
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet yawn stretch fart – ur bullshit is ever so boring
    • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis You are not making sense, Maryanne Akacharitysweet. What “admission of guilt” are you talking about?
    • Maryanne Akacharitysweet u truly are a moron
    Google: Is this you judge newton who perverted the course of JUSTICE regarding the illegal and unlawful detention of the Baylis boys – child P.O.W.’s –  by UK/SA child-traffickers despite them being under a Hague Proection order against the UK due to  the last time these same shits abducted them?

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