(C.J.Act, 1967, S.9, M.C. Act, 1980, S. 102; M.C. Rules, 1981, S.70)

Statement of : Mrs. Mary Anne Spencer aka Charity Sweet
Age of Witness : 46
Occupation of Witness : mum, artist, author, peaceful activist for positive change
Address & Tel no : withheld

I, Mrs. Mary Anne Spencer a.k.a. Charity Sweet, make this statement and declare that the content within it is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief and that it was made knowing that, if it were tendered in evidence, I would be liable to prosecution if I willfully stated in it anything which I knew to be false or did not believe to be true.

1. I am requesting an urgent oral hearing today of Habeus Corpus regarding my daughter Maranada Dorothy Cameron, D.O.B. XX/XX/ XX and the Baylis boys.

2. The Baylis boys were both badly physically beaten on both Friday and Saturday, by Mr. Nissen and Mr. Olivier, as a response and punishment for myself and their UK guardian filing this writ of Habeus Corpus.

3. I am requesting an order for the guardian, myself and my daughter, acting on behalf of the parents and as MacKenzie friend for UK guardian, to attend Twickenham Academy this morning, collect the Baylis boys unfettered and return them to the RCj for an immediate oral hearing of this writ of habeus corpus.

4. The Baylis boys will be much more at ease with their uncle present, he will be more at ease with myself and daughter present – this will also disallow either abductors/complicit individuals, NIssen or Olivier or Hogg to be present during these proceedings in order to deter further intimidate the witnesses.

5. I am requesting that the court order to send a court representative with us to Twickenham Academy as well as a RCj police escort.

6. The children must be brought before the RCJ today and be set free to return to Mexico and to their biological and lawful parents as soon as humanly possible.

7. The Baylis children’s names have to be clearly returned to their correct and legal name of Baylis and not the abductor’s name of Nissen as they have been incorrectly referred to in past; all Uk orders regarding these Baylis children must be quoshed and declared void ab initio.

8. Today’s RCJ Habeus Corpus must clearly stipulate to the South African embassy that the children are Baylis and that any previous orders Nissen or Olivier submitted to them on behalf of the boys, to try and obtain documents for them, are all ordered void ab initio; criminal charges and not limited to falsifying documents, perjury and perverting the course of justice must also be sought against all those involved including any embassy officials or judges acting ultra vires.

9. I am requesting an order stating clearly that the children are being returned to their biological and legal parents, stating the full name of the parents.

10. The issue regarding Nissen being declared married to Maryna Du Plessis Baylis, has to be clearly declared void ab initio also. An order stating that they are not married must be granted hence he has no future rights to her or her children. Maryna must also be set free by a United Kingdom court, as they were the once accepting from Nissen that he was/is married to her.

11. The children were illegally removed from Mexico and are being returned to their parents care and an apology for all the distress caused by the actions of the United Kingdom is owed by those involved and formally requested.

12. All United Kingdom travel documents of identification paperwork for these children must be destroyed and I am requesting an order to do so.

13. All orders must be very clear in that the Baylis boys are being returned to their lawful and biological parents who are living and working in Mexico and that it was an illegal act in removing the children from their care, in October 2011.

14. An order is requested for Mr. Stuart Carnie to be granted  the court’s legal permission to retrieved the belongings of the Baylis children and Wessel du PLessis , to be forwarded on to their final destination.

15. Mr. Stuart Carnie will be dealing with the pending arrests and any further court proceedings to finalize and end this nightmare for the Baylis children.

16. I am a Canadian national as is my daughter Maranda and we are requesting permission to travel from the Uk. As per UK legislation, my daughter is not a UK national despite being born in Maidstone Kent as prior to 2004, I was and remain Canadian with permanent right of abode status granted in 1993, and as such , my daughter is also solely Canadian. The UK have absolutely no right to hold her or myself from going anywhere globally.

17. Maranda is also of an age where she can decide for herself which parent she wishes to live with.


19. The issue of witness interference and releasing confidential legal and private information must be addressed reading olivier’s Nissen, Babette Lyons and Chissy Brown. Mr. Carnie and PGR Mexico have both advised the abductors and their accomplices to cease and desist from placing confidential information regarding the children on the internet.

20. Both my mobile phones, MY INTERNET email and facebook communications have been breeched.

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How will you morons further incriminate yourselves today? Here is some rope so get hanging yourselves promptly…

Like · · 7 hours ago

  • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis Maryanne, I haven’t seen you explain the photos and videos of the boys on this page? And I know you would not have had Skype contact with Carl and/or Richard. And why would you not want to see for yourself how the boys are doing like I offered?
  • Maryanne Akacharitysweet why would i negotiate with child trafficjkers and pedophiles when the Baylis boys, who can speak the truth for themselves, are due and willl be brought to rcj london strand before a real high court judge for a writ of habeus corpus? are you really that moronic? apparently so…
  • The truth about Maryna and Jeremy Baylis Maryanne, that will never happen. No judge will put the children under such unnecessary stress. Kevin already met the judge while the case was ongoing last year.
  • Maryanne Akacharitysweet well ur in for a fuckin rude shock then, aint you, if you think you have the rcj judges in ur pocket and you can stop a writ of habeus corpus and stop the courts from assessing the boys detention with scum like yourself
  • Maryanne Akacharitysweet and yes judge newton ur illegal import into RCJ who is not a high court judge and ius a complete corrupt cunt refuses Kevin his right to return with his brother to his parents insisting they remain prisoners of this child trafficking war and she will bSee More
  • Maryanne Akacharitysweet judge cunt newton said to kevin that she would separate the boys if Kevion persisted to ask for his Dad and that she would put them in immigration….. you think u that cunt judge are really going to get away with this heinous bullshit of endangering and abusing and trafficking children? thank fuckin well again
  • Maryanne Akacharitysweet and furthermore the real mother and father of these baylis children were not allowed to be present to make any represenations so yes you Olivier can hang with ur cunt judge mate newton


About maryanne aka mrs charity sweet

mother, artist, author - peaceful activist for positive change
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